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 Quest v2.4

Alexander Malmberg <>

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New tutorials - 2002-05-25 22:45
Thanks to RvB there are now two tutorials for Quest v3! (Thanks!) You can get them from the documentation section.

For those addicted to irc, a few of us hang out in #quest-ed on I'm often there, although it might take me a while to respond.
- Alexander Malmberg

Download problems - 2002-01-23 16:40
Due to some ISP problems some of the downloads have been non-functional recently. The problems should be fixed now.
- Alexander Malmberg

FAQ update - 2000-11-04 19:15
The FAQ has been updated (created?) with two new questions and answers. Also, I've converted the cwad2 (a program to extract Quake I textures from .pak files to .wad files, useful if you want to make Quake I maps; now runs on Linux and DOS/Windows) utility to c, so the source and a DJGPP binary are available from the downloads section.

Quest's development is progressing nicely. Hierarchical grouping is done, the texture cache and category systems are almost done, and there are lots of small and big improvements and cleanups. There should be a new public alpha/beta/whatever soon.
- Alexander Malmberg

Quest alpha 4 - 2000-10-23 01:30
I've decided it's time for a public package. Technically it's not a beta since lots of features are still missing, so I'll call it an alpha. It isn't really intended to be used for real work, but it does demonstrate (sort of) what Quest v3 will be like. This version is available for Linux/Unix using GTK+ for the GUI and OpenGL for rendering, and for Win32, also using GTK+ and OpenGL.

You can get the source here (206kb). If you want a precompiled Win32 version, you can get that here (106kb). In order to run the Win32 version, you'll also need some .dll:s. I've made a package of the necessary ones here (988kb).

Be sure to read the README.alpha file first, and remember that this is an alpha version, so there are still known issues with it (especially the Win32 version).

If you want to get the very latest version, or if you're interested in helping develop Quest, you should follow the development link and get the source via CVS.
- Alexander Malmberg

Site redesign - 2000-09-24 16:30
With a bit of help from Karnix, I have now redesigned and reorganized the Quest site. This should clear up the last problems with the move from, so all links should be back up again (the downloads section is smaller, but the links in there work). Hope you like it, and as always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Some areas are a bit empty right now (tutorials, links, FAQ), so if you have any content suitable for filling them, please send it to me. The old maps section isn't back yet, as it really needs to be organized. If anyone wants to go over it, test the maps, and organize that section (even if it's just be game or something), I could put it back online. Also, as you can see, there's room for a logo in the page header, so I'd appreciate if someone could make a nice logo that fits into the rest of the design (if I get several, I guess we could have a poll to decide which one to use, or something like that).

Development towards Quest v3 is progressing well. The latest cvs versions (in the quest-3a module) now have a GTK+ based GUI with an OpenGL renderer (and a software renderer that's a bit out of date). If you're interested in beta versions, tell me and (if there's enough interest) I'll make complete beta packages available once we've reached that stage. If you want to help, you should get the cvs version and join the developers' list (we could really use someone who could write a Win32 GUI backend so we can get a native Win95/98/NT/etc. version).
- Alexander Malmberg down - 2000-05-18 21:30
Apparently, are having some problems currently. I've contacted them about it, but until it's fixed, the site is mirrored here ( I think I've copied everything, but some links might not work (most of the download page will not work, as the links point at . The latest version does work, however.)
- Alexander Malmberg

Linux 'configure' script - 2000-04-01 20:00
I've had quite a few questions about a missing 'configure' script needed to compile Quest on Linux. Unfortunately, I forgot to include it in the archives. However, if you have autoconf installed, you can easily recreate it from '' by running 'autoconf' in the src/ directory. If you don't have autoconf, you can download a finished configure script here.
- Alexander Malmberg

Quest version 2.4 released - 2000-03-28 22:30
Finally, it's here: Quest version 2.4. New features include: full Quake 3 support, Sin support, Heretic 2 support, improved entity editor, dynamically updated textured view, and lots of other stuff. Source and binaries for DOS/Windows and Linux (i386 svgalib and X11) are available from the Downloads section. is having ftp problems currently, so some links in the downloads page may not work. However, the links for the newest version point to another server, so they'll work.
- Alexander Malmberg

Update - 2000-03-26 21:00
Quest development has now moved to SourceForge. The mailing lists, bug tracking system, and CVS server are now hosted by SourceForge. All links have been updated (I hope). If you were signed up on one of the old mailing lists, you'll need to sign up again to the new ones. The main Quest project page is here. From there you can sign up to the mailing lists, submit bugs, browse the CVS repository, and lots of other stuff.

In other news, Quest 2.4 will be released Real Soon now (hopefully Tuesday evening, unless something big comes up). Quake 3 support is done, curves are fully supported (including texture alignment on curves), the old polygon mode is now texture mapped, and there are lots of new features and bug fixes. It will be released for Linux-i386-{x11,svgalib} and DOS/Win32 (DJGPP) (at first, at least).
- Alexander Malmberg