Quest - a 3d map editor

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Latest stable version:
 Quest v2.4

Alexander Malmberg <>

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Note: In the file listings, source means source code, and everything else is a precompiled version for some platform.

Quest version 2.4

This is the latest stable version. You can get the very latest development version using CVS, see the development page for instructions.

Map compiling utilities:

qbsp, vis, light; v2 These programs are used to compile maps for Quake. They have been modified to support detail, hint and skip brushes, and qbsp has support for Quest's new map format. DOS/Windows: (194kb)
Linux (i386-glibc): (75kb)
Source: (126kb)
qbsp3, qrad3, qvis3; release 6 These programs are used to compile Quake 2 maps. They can load Quest's textures.dat, so they can read textures from .pak files, if you don't want to extract your textures. The included qbsp3 can load both the old and Quest's new map format. The programs have also been optimized. DOS/Windows: (204kb)
Source: (124kb)

Other programs:

cwad2 v1.1 A program to extract Quake I textures from .bsp files in .pak files to .wad files. DOS/Windows: (36kb)
Source: (12kb)
MergeT3D v1.2 This program converts Quest .map files to .t3d files that UnrealEd can use, which means you can use Quest to make stuff for Unreal maps. DOS/Windows and source: (77kb)
recdir A program to extract stuff from .pak files. No documentation. DOS/Windows and source: (34kb)
D2Q v1.0 Doom/Doom 2 to Quake 2 conversions utilities. Includes a program that converts Doom/Doom 2 maps to Quake 2 maps, and a program that converts Doom/Doom 2 textures to Quake 2 textures (.wal files). DOS/Windows and source: (95kb)