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Latest stable version:
 Quest v2.4

Alexander Malmberg <>

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Welcome to the Quest site! Quest is a fully-featured, powerful, cross-platform, GPL'ed, 3d map editor used to create maps for Quake and related games (Quake 2, Quake 3, and many others), and this is the official site for it.

This site is divided into several sections, the most important of which are:

  • If you're new to Quest you'll probably want to go to the About section. It has general information about Quest, and the feature list.

  • For news about Quest, go to the News section (this is probably also the page you'll want to bookmark).

  • To download Quest, go to the Download section. In addition to binaries and source for Quest, this section also has various programs (e.g. map compiling utilities for several games) and other things that might be useful if you're making maps.

  • The Documentation section should answer all your questions about using Quest. It has the Quest manual, tutorials for using Quest, and the FAQ.

  • The Contact section tells you what to do if you have questions, suggestions, bug reports, etc..

  • If you're interested in Quest's development, you'll probably want to go to the main page for Quest at SourceForge.